clear explant program

Despite being temporarily removed from the U.S. market in the late 1990s, breast implants are approved for use in augmentation and reconstruction. Just recently, however, an association has been raised between implant procedures and the signs of immune and inflammatory imbalance. And even though many medical sources report no evidence linking implants and systemic illness or autoimmune disease and testing to establish it's presence; we believe there are means of diagnosing and treating breast implant illness.

Our process involves two areas of expertise for assessment and treatment - a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and a Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor. Your explant process includes:

  • Pre-surgical assessment, surgical procedure and post-surgical follow-up appointment with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon proficient in en bloc capsulotomy​

  • Three appointments with our Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor for pre- and post- explant examination and specialized testing. You will also receive a personalized plan focused on the restoration of your hormonal, digestive, immune, adrenal and thyroid balance.

    • More specifically ND appointments are:

      • Pre-surgical initial appointment, determination of necessary tests, prescription of Clear Medicine nutrients and supplements for immune imbalance repair and healing after surgery. You will also receive a dietary plan that is hypo-allergenic, anti-inflammatory, hormonally-balanced and supportive for anti-fungal treatment, based on Dr. Turner ND's bestselling books from the The Hormone Diet series as well as a personalized supplement protocol.

      • Appointment for follow-up discussion of all blood and urine testing, which may be completed on the phone or in person

      • Post-surgical follow-up appointment six to eight weeks post surgery

  • Our specialized ND testing in the clearexplant program includes:

    • Blood – for thyroid function, immune balance, inflammatory markers, diabetes markers and tests to establish vitamin and mineral levels and liver, heart and kidney function.

    • Urine – for the presence of gut microbiome imbalance

    • Body Composition Testing - by medical grade bioimpedance machine, which measures fat mass, muscle mass, hydration and intra- and extra-cellular water balance (indication of proper electrolyte balance)

    • In-office adrenal stress and function testing

  • Optional testing as ND program add-on:

    • Specialized functional medicine testing for presence of mold

    • IgG food allergy testing (blood)

  •  Recommended add-on:

    • Supplements and medical foods comprised in your personalized prescription for pre-operative and post-operative healing, imbalances diagnosed on the tesing and prevention of post-surgical infection and inflammation. See some of the options here. 

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